Something to Hang over the Sofa

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

"Do you have something with a little puce in it?" So asks Dusty the rock star who just bought a house in the Hamptons. Puce to match his sofa. Frederick is irate and refuses to do business with Dusty, after all he is an artist not a decorator. Dusty (Daniel Stern) is vulgar and Frederick (Max Von Sydow) is very uptight, that seems to be the import of this scene from Woody Allen's Hannah and her Sisters. (Hannah who? I'm sorry, my knowledge of popular culture is no more recent than the 1980s.)

The advantage of buying a painting from Pigfish Lane Antiques and Interiors over buying from Frederick is that you can ask for something with a little puce in it and no one will get bent out of shape. The artist seeks a harmony of colors, so why shouldn't that extend beyond the frame of the painting?

You will find that our prices are reasonable too. So, if the price is low how do you know if the painting is any good? And if the price is high how do you know it is worth it?

How many of you have ever thought, "I don't know anything about art"? You know everything you need to know - according to one of the great connoisseurs, the seventeenth-century French diplomat, spy, and author of "The Principles of Painting," Roger de Piles - because you know what you like.

A painting's merits are of little value if that painting does not arrest the eyes and draw you in.

Once drawn in you will contemplate the individual merits, but it is the tout ensemble, the whole thing, that makes you stop and look. It either grabs you or leaves you cold.

So, how do you know if it grabs you?

Don't expect sobs and tears or exclamations of joy; it is a much subtler sensation. You like it. You know the most important thing.

Once you find the perfect painting to go with your sofa, don't forget to stop by our in-house custom framing, Art of Hope...